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Clojure & Python, Side by Side

As an exercise, I translated Peter Norvig’s Sudoku solver from Python to Clojure. There have been a couple other attempts before, but they both leaned on Clojure’s reference types as a mutability-crutch. This implementation uses only immutable data structures. To … Continue reading

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Say something nice about every programming language you’ve used

Prompted by this blog post, an attempt to say something nice about every language I’ve used, roughly in the order that I learned them: Pascal – My first love. Allowed me to create awesome text adventures, even though the code … Continue reading

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Fun with Clojure:┬áTurning Cats into Dogs in Hanoi

Finding a Connection I’ve been having fun brushing up on basic graph theory lately. It’s amazing how many problems can be modeled with it. To that end, I did a code kata the other day that lent itself to a … Continue reading

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